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Friday, December 27, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

What You Need to Know about Home Inspections

A home inspection is not a pass or fail grade. In fact, it's often like a school report where you may get an 86% on a test. Consider the following myths about home inspections, both as a buyer and a seller, to get the best out of your transaction.

Myth #1 - You can Fail a Home Inspection
As we said above, a home inspection is not a pass or fail. Home inspectors determine the condition of the home and provide a report on defects and necessary repairs. It's up to the buyers to determine if they want to continue with the home as-is, work those repairs into the contract, or walk away from the deal. 

Myth #2 - The Seller Will fix all the Defects
Just like we mentioned above, this is something to bring to the negotiation table. Not all repairs will be fixed, (that sticky door handle may be worth fixing yourself for instance.) But major repairs, such as a leaky roof, should be part of the negotiation that the seller fixes before the contract is done. This, however, is null and vo; ...

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Friday, December 20, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Updates to the City of Clermont's Master Plan

We've all seen the construction downtown right? Here are the latest images from the City of Clermont's Master Plan. 
Currently under construction, the Art Walk. The Art Walk will break ground by 2020 with estimated completion by the end of 2020. This festive new walkway will celebrate our local artists with plans for a covered pavilion and an open-air space for vendors to set up their tents. There will be an opportunity for donors to get involved and be recognized with their names along the path.

Free WiFi, in progress.

Kehlor Recreations Center on 466 Minneola Ave. Amenities will include a multipurpose room, restrooms, and storage. Popular Champions For A Lifetime senior programs held at the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center have been expanded to the new Kehlor Recreation Center.

The next part of the Master Plan strikes at the heart of our Downtown. The proposed improvements include streetscape, landscaping, bathrooms, lighting, upgrades for event lighting ...

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Friday, December 13, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

House Not Selling? Maybe you're getting views but no offers. If you're having trouble selling your house, try these fixes to get more buyers interested and making offers. 

Start with the Basics
If you haven’t done so already, eliminate clutter and family photos, repair obvious flaws and have the home professionally cleaned. What we think as personal home touches are just that, personal. They are not personal to a buyer. While you want your home staged, you want it staged for a fresh buyer to come in and see it as their own. Distractions distract from what you want the buyer to think. That they could live here.

Rethink room staging
Can you shift around the furniture to make small rooms look more spacious, or to create focal points in large spaces? Consider what the main function of the room is and make the furniture reflect that. Is it too much, does the furniture make the room seem cluttered as well. Often less is more. 

Amp up the color
With the rim ...

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Friday, December 6, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Top Tips for Buying a Rental Property

If you're looking to invest in a rental property, these tips can help you not only make the right choice but also save you money in the long term. Seeing as real estate is a good investment, it doesn't have to be limited to the home you live in. Keep these things in mind when purchasing a property with the intention to rent. 

Think Long Term
Buying a rental property won't net income immediately. In fact, it may seem as it's costing you more or you're breaking even. However, long term, real estate is an investment. Even if you're breaking even cash-wise, you're building equity and appreciation into the home. As you pay down the principal over the years, your cash flow will increase.

Landlord or Property Management
Decide upfront if you want to be on call 24/7 or hire a property manager. While you can expect a portion of your rental income, typically around 10%, to go to a property manager, it may be worth your time. Managing tenants take a lot of time and effort and if this. ...

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